Port St. Lucie

Unitas Lending is expanding throughout the Treasure Coast region of Florida. Our newest location is 1860 SW Fountainview Blvd., Suite 100, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986. Since it’s opening in 2016, Unitas Lending has been providing services to Palm Beach County, Broward County, St. Lucie County, Martin County and all of Florida. We exist to provide the best mortgage solutions for borrowers interested in purchasing a home or refinancing their debt to lower their monthly expenses. So often, Unitas Lending is able to save hundreds of dollars per month and even 10’s of thousands of dollars for our clients over the life of their loan. Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, a 2nd home or an investment property, Unitas Lending has multiple lenders in its arsenal to provide the best option for your specific scenario. We watch the bond market in real time to lock the lowest rate possible for your combination of credit score, down payment and income.

Unitas Lending is owned by Brent Starts. Mr. Starts is a long-time veteran of the mortgage industry, with a career spanning over 20 years. He has been featured on over 20 radio stations, being interviewed by such celebrities as Dennis Prager, Frank Pastore among others. He is featured on Realtor blogs and YouTube channels to update clients on the most recent developments in the mortgage industry.


About this Location

Unitas Lending is available at the Port St. Lucie location by appointment. After a telephone conversation to assess your specific needs and goals, we will arrange to meet at your convenience. To make the most of our time together, we ask you bring your documentation with you. There is absolutely no obligation for this free consultation. We will assess your unique scenario, pull in your credit history if you wish and offer you an on-the-spot approval or a pathway to get to an approval in the most time efficient way.

Our mortgage consultants are highly trained in finding solutions to your specific set of circumstances. Whether you have self-employment with varying income, a challenging credit history, have heavy student loan debt or credit card debt, low income or lack a down payment…there are solutions for these issues.


For the best mortgages Port St. Lucie, FL has to offer, make an appointment or simply call for a free consultation. One of our loan consultants will assess your unique situation and provide excellent advice. Oftentimes, our clients are pleasantly surprised as to how much they qualify for when purchasing a home. With interest rates near all-time lows, payments still remain within reach for most households.

If you happen to spend too much time at the Treasure Coast Mall and charge up your credit cards, we have a solution. For homeowners, Unitas Lending can calculate whether a debt consolidation loan makes sense for you. Unitas Lending has saved clients 10’s of thousands of dollars in interest by simply paying off high interest credit cards. This type of loan works for automobile loans as well. By consolidating your debt, lowering your monthly payments and simplifying your budget; you will be able to begin saving and investing your money.

The best mortgages Port St. Lucie has to offer are found at Unitas Lending. We are the highest rated and most reviewed mortgage company in the area. We tend to attract the best clients as well through our education process, both for our loan

consultants and our clients. We have an extensive library of training videos, informing our loan consultants of the most recent changes in the mortgage marketplace. These videos are made available to our clients as well. We think the best way to build trust with our clients and partners is to keep them fully informed with a transparent process. We often hear how a lender over-promised and under-delivered. At the end of the loan process, our goal is to exceed expectations.

Interest rates change daily, and we keep tabs on all of the Wall Street activity right from our offices in Port St. Lucie, FL. Mortgages are packaged by the thousands and sold as bonds on Wall Street. Your mortgage is an investment for one of many institutional investors. As financial news is released throughout the day, the bond market responds in kind. Generally, investors move towards the safety of bonds and mortgages when poor financial news is released. This increases the demand for mortgage investments and the price paid for the bond or mortgage pool. As demand increases, the interest rate required to attract funds to finance mortgages in the closing process goes down. The reverse is true when good financial news is released. Should stock earnings exceed expectations, investors will sell bonds to

purchase equities in companies across the globe. This increases the supply of bonds and mortgage securities. This causes interest rates to increase as investors need to be attracted back to the bond market to fund mortgage loans is process. Unitas Lending monitors this process throughout the day. As mortgages are bought and sold, we are notified by text, phone, and email of any sudden changes. Negative changes in the bond or mortgage market tend to happen suddenly, triggering an alert to lock, when rates are going up. This allows us approximately 5 to 15 minutes to lock loans in our pipeline before investors and lenders can reprise their rate sheets. The reverse is true as well. When the bond market improves, we receive an alert to float our loans. In approximately 5 to 15 minutes we will receive rate sheets with lower interest rates.

Our office in Port St. Lucie, FL is capable of monitoring your loan, to achieve the optimum time to lock in your interest rate. Every mortgage loan is entered into our system and put into a place to lock if necessary. Our mortgage consultant will ask you whether you would like to allow us to lock at an opportune time or call you in the event a major move is taking place. For more information on this process please call Unitas Lending at 772-362-9955.