Unitas Lending is here to serve those who have questions about the mortgage process and to provide the best mortgages Stuart FL has to offer. There are so many programs for an aspiring homeowner to consider. We spend weeks training our loan consultants before they begin working with our clients. Our loan consultants must pass a rigorous testing process along with complying with all regulatory requirements through the state and federal government.

We train our team members continually, as programs change weekly. These updates are communicated to our staff on a timely basis. There are first time homebuyer programs such as HomeReady and HomePossible. We provide these low-down payment programs, however they have income limitations. HomeOne does not have these limitations. These programs have exceptionally low-down payment requirements and preferred mortgage insurance rates. Other first-time homebuyer programs include the FHA program. This is a 3 1/2% down program and has generous seller concession allowances and is lenient when it comes to credit requirements and the amount a borrower can obtain for a home purchase. There are local programs based upon geographic considerations. Some of these programs allow as little as 1% down to purchase a home. This is for the borrower with little cash, but a strong income. There are loan programs that do not have any income limitation, and yet provide low-down payment options for our clients with income in excess of the median income for any given area.

The Veterans Administration guarantees loans for our nation’s veterans. This is a phenomenal loan if you qualify and is included in our list of the best mortgages Stuart FL has to offer. The VA loan requires no down payment and has no mortgage insurance requirement. There is a funding fee, which can be financed into the loan and up to 4% of the purchase price can be credited to the buyer for closing costs. The credit requirements are lenient for this program, but there are some qualifying standards not required with other loan down payment options. In short, the VA loan is one of the best loans one can obtain to purchase a home, we always ask about this and do the research for our veterans.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers options for homes located in rural communities. This is another no down payment option. We can check the area you are interested in to see if a USDA loan is possible. The interest rates are low, and the credit requirements are more lenient. This can be a great option if there is additional acreage included in the purchase as well.

There are additional solutions to provide our clients the ability to become homeowners. Some programs are offered only when certain market conditions exist. Some of these programs allow bank statement deposits as proof of income. Others can use assets as income. Some of the programs are only permitted if the property is a rental. We have the best mortgages Stuart FL has to offer for first-time homebuyers and there are too numerous to mention here. The best way to begin the process is to call or complete an online application to receive your pre-approval within 12 hours.

When you call us, we will have a brief conversation to go over your preferences and timeline. We will then talk to you about the three legs of the loan discussed earlier. The amount you would like to put down as a down payment and compute your annual income. Most importantly, we want to hear your preferences and your budget guidelines. From there we will prepare your pre-approval within 12 hours. In the event home a loan is not possible now, we provide a written plan to get you there!

We never decline a loan; we always provide a solution and a pathway to your goal of homeownership. That solution may be building a stronger credit profile. It may be working with our credit restoration company. It may be working with potential cosigners for the mortgage. We may suggest speaking with an accountant regarding the way your preparing your taxes. We may suggest speaking with your attorney regarding the way you hold a business or assets. We take the time to do this because we believe homeownership is the most certain way to gain wealth and financial stability for your household. We assist families in making homeownership affordable. Unitas Lending makes the best mortgages Stuart FL has to offer accessible to anyone who sets their mind too acquiring a home of their own. It is rewarding work.

We focus our efforts in the Florida market. We feel by doing so, we can offer local expertise while providing the best programs based on our geographical footprint. We are also familiar with the real estate market, which is always local. Every day, hundreds of people move to Florida for its vibrant economy, climate, favorable tax environment, beautiful beaches…the list goes on. Call us for your 12- hour pre-approval to acquire your home with the best mortgages Stuart FL has to offer.

Ninety percent of what we do can be done using technology. We have online applications and if there is a comfort level, you may choose to upload your documentation directly onto our website. There is the option to have your asset and income information pulled directly from your bank and employer. The “push button, get mortgage” possibilities are available through Unitas Lending. You will have a pre-approval in hand within the first 12 hours of speaking with us. We will begin working with your Realtor to provide a pre-approval letter and discuss the price range with a comfortable payment for your family. 12 hours from now, you could know exactly where you stand!

By calling us, you have nothing to lose, but you will gain access to the best mortgages Stuart FL has to offer. We will help you navigate this process!